“You are into table tennis, are not you? We are considering purchasing a table to your own home.

I am asked. What do you need it ?” , I answer.

This is a relatively frequent conversation. I guess you can say I have become an expert in helping people pick the best table tennis table for them. Anyhow, here is a blog post which should work as a good compilation of all of the discussions I have had over the years. I have also included links to all my dining table tennis table testimonials.

This is article was originally composed in October 2014 but has been upgraded in December 2017. It is fairly astounding, so feel free to jump to all those sections are relevant to you. Let us begin. And the very first question I have for you is a significant one…

Do you actually require a table tennis table?

Possessing a table tennis table at your house can be a fantastic way to grow the number of your clinic — we did the vast majority of Sam’s Pro at a Year clinic on the dining table in his kitchen). But it can come to be quickly forgotten around and filled in a corner someplace. There are a couple things you need to consider first…

1. Have you got space for a dining table?

If you’re thinking about purchasing a dining table to use within your home it’s probably worth noting out that on the ground and seeing whether it appears sensible to have the ability to play it (you will want at least a meter on either side even when you’re only playing for pleasure ).

Recreational players likely need at least 5m x 3.5m.

gamers seeking to perform real training require no less than 7m x 4.5m.

Neighborhood tournaments will typically provide you a playing court that’s 9m x 5m.

At federal level championships, the courtroom is going to probably be 12m x 6m.

Do you have sufficient space? In case the solution is no, you could always get an outside table tennis table rather. You will also want an outside table if you’re likely to have a desk in your own garage or shed. Indoor tables may warp, even if kept in a garage.

2. Who are you really going to play ?

If you are only playing for fun then you’re able to play with whomever happens to be about. If you’re seeking some serious exercise then you will want to consider that you’re likely to play . There are Lots of choices;

Does anybody in your home drama? If this is the case, you’re gold.
Have you got friends that reside locally that perform? Training together with them in your home will save practice fees.
Could you manage a trainer? A great deal of table tennis trainers will visit your property.
Can you purchase a robot? If you do not have anybody to play you could always purchase a table tennis robot.

In summary, if you’re searching for serious instruction you want to be certain that you’ve got sufficient space and you’ve got someone to play . As soon as you’ve got that sorted you want to choose how much cash you have got to invest.

What’s your budget?

That is a fairly major difference!
Affordable table tennis tables

The only problem is… those tables are dreadful. The lowest priced tables are often just 12mm thick and even a recreational participant can say that the ball does not bounce properly. A few inexpensive table tennis tables do not even promote the depth of the surface!

If you’re on a very tight budget I would suggest purchasing a 16mm dining table. These aren’t amazing in regards to rebound, however they’re a large improvement on the nearly unplayable 12mm tables. Ideally, you’re seeking 19mm+.

The Significance of table depth

If you have to the stage from the article I am positive that you’ve already noticed my principal concern in regards to dining table tennis tables… dining table depth.

This is the essential factor. Forget about just how nice it looks and what manufacturer it’s (and what else) and concentrate on table depth. That is exactly what you are paying for.
Terrible bounce.

16mm — Maybe not a fantastic bounce. Just buy if on a strict budget. Will cost you 300.
22mm — Great bounce. Perfect for clubs. Quicker than 25mm.

The Finest Table Tennis Tables

Listed below are my top ten greatest table tennis tables, approximately in order of cost…

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